Lawn Care in your Property in Springfield

Your beautiful lawn in your investment property in Springfield is the talk of the town. It is not only a very important asset for you but also helps in attracting many new tenants to your property. If you live in a place far away from your property, it becomes necessary for you to hire the services of a reliable property maintenance company to provide lawn care. Here are some top ways to keep your lawn green and beautiful all-round the year.

Sow native plant varieties in your lawn
It is of course very tempting to have a beautiful garden full of exotic varieties of plants. However, the fact is that switching to native plants is a much better idea as they are better suited to the local climatic conditions. They can not only grow well but also survive harsh weather conditions. Switching to native plants will make sure that your lawn is always green and full of flowering plants.

Use mulch made from your yard waste
Most people make the mistake of throwing their yard clippings thinking it is a waste. You would be surprised to know that mulch layer made from deal leaves and stems is full of natural ingredients and helps in much improved growth and fertility of your lawn. In fact, this mulch later will significantly reduce your dependence upon costly fertilizer that you buy from the market, while keeping your lawn green all the time.

Use a manual mower rather than one that works on gas
It is easy for your property maintenance company to make use of a fuel powered mower to cut the grass in the lawn. However, the emissions left behind by such a mower have proved to be detrimental to the growth of your lawn and the plants in the yard. Grass trimming using a manual mower can not only reduce the cost of maintenance but also prove beneficial for the health of your lawn. You can also use a net to catch the clippings of the grass to be later used as a mulch layer in your lawn.

Take out the weeds manually rather than using pesticides
Another practice that causes harm to your lawn is the use of week killers made of harsh chemicals. Pulling out weeds manually is a very safe and healthy way of keeping your lawn in top condition. You can keep the growth of weeds down to a minimum by allowing the grass to grow tall up to a limit.

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