Removal of Junk from a Tenant Evicted Property

The last thing that you want as a landlord is to face a tenant who you must evict forcefully from your property. But this is a fact of life that landlords face occasionally. After you have dealt with the individual personally, you are left with the onerous task of cleaning out the junk left behind by him. It looks easy, but it is not because of the laws that have been made to protect evicted tenants’ property rights. If you are not aware of these laws, you face the risk of violating them through your actions. Therefore, it is a good idea to hire the services of an experienced junk removal service in Indianapolis.

Give a written notice
If, after evicting the tenant, you find any items of value in your home or apartment, it is your duty to give information about such items to the tenant. It is not enough to have conveyed about these items verbally. You must send the list of items on a piece of paper to him.

Storage/movement of items
You are required by law to keep these items for a period of 18 days after eviction. The tenant has 18 days to collect the items from you. You can store them in the same house or you can move them to another location. You are entitled to collect the costs incurred by you for storage and movement. However, you must keep the invoices and produce them to receive compensation for storage and movement.

Returning the items
If the tenant turns up within the time frame of 19 days, you must surrender the items to him after getting payment for the cost incurred on storage and movement. However, you must give him extra time for taking back large and unwieldy items such as furniture and appliances.

You are free to sell of the items if the tenant does not turn up in the next 18 days. However, you must give information about the auction of the items to your county office if the value of the items is more than $300.

Junk removal
In clear majority of eviction cases, the items left behind by the tenant are old and worn out and the cost of removing this junk is less than the money you expect from their sale.

Contact dumpster rental service in your area to remove the junk form your property if the tenant does not turn up in 18 days after eviction.

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