Tips for Estate Cleanout Service

Estate cleanout is a phenomenon mostly associated with the death of an individual. It is required when an elderly man or woman dies without writing a will. With 10000 new men and women attaining the age of 65 in American society every day, estate cleanouts have become more and more frequent these days. Elderly parents and grandparents have been found to accumulate large numbers of items and appliances in their homes before dying without declaring a will.

More categories of people require estate cleanout services. These include people facing a divorce and needing settlement of their assets. There are also people wanting to relocate due to a new job. No matter what the reason behind estate cleanout, it becomes a very challenging task given the fact that average area of a U.S home is around 2500 sq ft and most homes are full of furniture items and appliances.

If you are a beneficiary or yourself involved with estate cleanout, here are some tips to make this task less stressful for you.

Search and find important financial documents
Before estate cleanout takes place, you should search for important financial documents. You may find life insurance policies, titles and deals of real estate, stock certificates, bank statements, tax records, and other such important papers.

Look in unlikely places
Human beings have this tendency to stash away important documents in places where others might not even think of. Sometimes important documents can be found inside the pocket of a coat or a jacket. You should look at not just items of clothing but all the drawers, closets, attic, under the mattresses, and even high shelves and empty containers.

Discuss with family members about sharing of estate items
This is a strategy that often works well during estate cleanout. Relatives show interest in dividing items coming out of the estate. But it has been found that sometimes the situation becomes ugly when disagreements start to break out between relatives on sharing of estate items.

Family photos and other such memorabilia
These are estate items that are of no interest to people outside family. But for family members and friends, these photos and scrapbooks are of great value and they readily agree to keep them.

Sell or donate items of clothing
In a estate cleanout, clothing items are plentiful but they have poor resale value. Old items of clothing usually end up in yard sales. It is a good idea to donate old items of clothing to quickly and easily dispose during estate cleanout.

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