What is Winterization of Properties

Winterization is a term that is popular among property maintenance companies and lenders. It is a process that is used to prepare properties for long time periods of vacancy and for rough winter months. In places like Akron and Youngstown in Ohio where winter months can be severe, winterization helps property owners to prevent damages caused by frigid temperatures. Winterization of properties is used by lenders for foreclosed properties and by landlords to avoid problems for their tenants because of rough weather conditions.

Preparing your property to face rough weather
Winterization mainly involves insulation of pipes, cleaning of gutters, and turning off valves to prevent flow of water in pipes to places in the outdoors. There are many other jobs included in winterization of properties. These include sealing of windows and doors, cleaning of soot in chimneys, and changing of batteries in smoke detectors. All this is done to improve the safety and security of the structure and the tenants. Winterization is also useful in keeping down large electricity bills.

It helps in improving safety and security of your property
After spring cleaning, fall is one time of the year when most landlords start to worry about their properties. They want to prepare for extreme weather conditions including snowfall and strong winds. Winterization helps in keeping the property warm and cozy. More importantly, it helps in improving the safety and security of the inmates.

Bursting of pipes because of very low temperatures is a very common phenomenon in many places in Ohio. Insulation of pipes does not allow the water flowing inside the pipes to freeze and convert into ice. It is this ice formation that causes bursting of pipes. Water expands when it changes form ice to water. Winterization makes sure water does not freeze in pipes carrying water to prevent the occurrence of bursting.

Landlords often forget about smoke alarms. They think that these alarms are in a working condition and they ill make them alert in the event of a fire inside the building. But the fact is that batteries in smoke alarms become dead and they need to be changed periodically to make sure that these alarms can detect smoke in case of a fire. Smoke alarms are inspected in the exercise of winterization of properties. Ideally smoke alarms should be inspected once every month, but their inspection is a must at least before the onset of winter season.

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