Why it is Important to Hire Only Licensed and Insured Vendor for Property Maintenance?

If you own a multifamily residential complex in Akron Ohio, it is your responsibility as the landlord to look after its regular maintenance and repair. You cannot give the contract of repairs to your friendly neighborhood vendor if you are serious about proper upkeep and maintenance of your rental income property in Akron You are by law required to give the job or repairs to a fully licensed and insured vendor if the job costs more than a certain amount of money. There are many other reasons why it is in your own interest to hire services of a fully licensed and insured maintenance company.


  1. It helps in protecting your property against damage

If you hire any unlicensed maintenance company to carry out repairs and your house gets damaged, you have no protection from law. At the best, you can approach a law court but that can be expensive and very tiring. But if the company is fully licensed, you can easily approach Registrar of Contractors in case your house is damaged and seek compensation. You get total peace of mind when hiring a licensed maintenance company as you are fully protected in case of damage to your property.


  1. Liability insurance coverage

You should hand over maintenance of your property only to a company that has liability insurance coverage. If any damage to yours or your neighbor’s property takes place during maintenance, you can easily claim compensation from the general liability insurance company of the vendor. This general liability insurance also provides protection in case the vendor does something illegal to cause damage to your property.


  1. Check for worker’s comp insurance

There have been many cases in the past where the landlord had to pay for the treatment and hospitalization of a worker if some mishap took place during maintenance of his property. To avoid being asked to pay in the case of an accident involving a worker, you must hire only a maintenance company that carries worker’s comp insurance. You are fully protected when the vendor has this kind of insurance as you will not be held responsible for the treatment of a worker injured while carrying out repairs in your property.


It is therefore in your own interest as the owner of a property in Akron that you work with a maintenance company that is fully licensed and insured.

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