Why you Need Full Service Property Maintenance?

You are the owner of a residential, industrial, or commercial property in Pittsburgh. Your property has very high footfall, but you do not have time to look after the upkeep and maintenance of your property. What you need is full service property Maintenance Company to maintain your property. Property maintenance is not the same as property management which is what many people confuse it with. Property management is more comprehensive and includes taking over of responsibility of tenants. On the other hand, property maintenance just looks after the structure and its maintenance.


Your property will be taken good care of

You need to sign a contract with a property maintenance company to make sure that it maintains your property in top class condition. It doesn’t matter whether it is an apartment building, a commercial complex containing offices, or an industrial complex. You are free from the worries of upkeep and maintenance of your real estate asset once you have handed over its responsibility to a professional property maintenance company. This service provider acts like a caretaker and does everything from cleaning to painting and from fixing damages to changing broken fixtures. In short, this company looks after your real estate asset as if it were the real owner of the property.


List of services included in property maintenance

  • Cleaning of the premises
  • Painting of interiors and exteriors
  • Maintenance of lawn and gardens
  • Carpentry
  • Removal of snow
  • Replacement of drywall
  • Clean up after a storm
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical wiring and fixture maintenance
  • Power washing
  • Service and maintenance of HVAC


Your property will always look like new

This list of services provided by a property maintenance company is not comprehensive and you can also add more services in the contract when handing over the responsibility to a professional maintenance company. Once you sign the contract, you will forget all worries about maintenance of your property. If it is a residential property with many tenants, you will find that you start to receive more enquiries from prospective tenants as they find your property attractive and worth living.


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